Name: Mixtape Messiah 5
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Date added: September 19, 2013
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Sure. It's 5:10PM. He was disappointed that things didn't turn out as he'd hoped. I finished the work in less than an hour. Where does she live? OK, we won't bet. We'll just play for fun. She's asking how that's possible. Yes, that's true, but my wife found a new apartment on the Internet the other day and she wants to move right away. I need a pair of scissors to cut this paper. My grandmother passed away last year. There is an urgent need for food and water.
Mixtape Messiah 5: - We'll have to camp out if we can't find a place to stay.
- I hope everything's okay?
- I was too tired to walk any more.
- Do you think your parents spent enough time with you when you were in you>when you were in your teens?
- Are you closer to your mother or to your father?
- My computer is broken so I can't send email right now. Can I call you?
- John took a key out of his pocket.
- I hit upon a good idea.
- She advised him not to drive too fast.
- The house is spacious.
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